Wonderbag is the award winning eco-friendly slow cooker

Its revolutionary heat-retention design saves the energy in your home and allows your food to cook safely without supervision.

  • No Battery!
  • No Electricity!
  • No Fuel!

This award winning design also makes the wonderbag easily portable to facilitate all your outdoor adventures too.

Simple innovation that is money saving and planet loving, the convenient portable functionality means cooking healthy and delicious meals is made easy.


  • Slow cooks and keeps food hot for up to 12 hours
  • There’s no battery, plug or fuel required
  • Light and easily portable & compact for easy stow away
  • Conveniently operates without supervision
  • Fail-safe and will never overcook or burn your dishes
  • Doubles as a cooler bag to keep food and drinks chilled
  • Simple innovation that is money saving and planet loving
  • Price Includes Free Shipping Within The US

Simply bring your favourite dish to boil and let the wonderbag safely continue the cooking for up to 12 hours, retaining moisture, nutrients, and bags of flavor.

Slow cooking in the wonderbag tenderizes meat, keeps vegetables firm and allows flavors to enhance.