How It Works

wonderbag. is a simple but revolutionary slow cooker, which is both portable and non-electric.

You can take your wonderbag wherever you go and enjoy healthy home-cooked meals whenever you want. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required, saving your energy and the energy in your home.

Healthy & Easy
Simply bring your favourite dish to boil and let the wonderbag safely continue the cooking for up to 12 hours, retaining moisture, nutrients, and bags of flavor. Slow cooking in the wonderbag tenderizes meat, keeps vegetables firm and allows flavors to enhance.

Plus, the wonderbag can be used to make yogurt, cook rice and prove bread.  

Fueling All Your Outdoor Adventures
Take a delicious warm meal in your wonderbag to the kids’ ball game, the beach, or just the back yard – it will even double up as a cool bag for your drinks and chilled food too. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required, saving your energy and the energy in your home. 

For The Modern Family
Make just one meal that can feed a busy household at different times throughout the day or prepare a meal up to 12 hours before an occasion and it will be ready when you are. The wonderbag gives you the flexibility to make healthy food fast food, which fits into your busy life. 

Buy 1 Give 1

Our mission is supported by the Buy One, Give One model - for every Wonderbag purchased, a donation is made to the Foundation in order to support Wonderfeasts and subsidize Wonderbags to communities across the world one community at a time.

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See how it works in our short film below: