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 Kathy Calvin, President & CEO, United Nations Foundation

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wonderbag is the award winning eco-friendly slow cooker

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Customer Reviews

More than what is advertised. A great product. Cast iron crock pot with enamel staying hot for 7hours. Cooks anything.

Randy Martin - Jan 2017

This is, absolutely, the best slow-cooking invention ever. We love this thing. I've been using it for two years now, and it's absolutely fantastic. While I haven't gone the full 12 hours with it yet, I've done 11 hours. 11 hours later, and our chicken soup was still at a very high food safe temperature. Incredible! The Wonderbag is amazing, and I highly recommend it! It's great for parties, too.

Scott C - Dec 2016

I love this bag so much....I've made beef stew, red beans & rice, it is so great to only cook it 15 mins. put in bag & come back 4 to 12 hrs. later and it is STILL hot! You less liquid because it doesn't lose a drop, greatest product I ever used....Bought a second one, a month later to have different food going at the same time! Free up your whole day to do what you want!

Julie Thatcher - Nov 2016

We live on a sailboat, so a regular crock pot is not an option. This thing works great. I'd even use it if we lived on land.

B. Bartlett - Sept 2016

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The Wonderbag Will Change The Way You Slow-Cook Forever

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Voted Best Non-Electric Slow Cooker Of 2016


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